Look Fresh (and Stay Safe) with these Designer Face Masks...

Suzy Loves Milo at Hatch are making their own masks using some designer fabrics.

By Manchester's Finest | 14 May 2020

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Now that the going out rules have been relaxed somewhat, now is the time to start getting your look back together, dusting off your best outfits and getting yourself out there more.

Or have they been relaxed? I don’t really know – it’s rather confusing. Nevermind. You still want to look good no matter what which is why these brilliant new face masks by vintage clothing store Suzy Loves Milo should be right up your street.

They’ve made Burberry ones, Marrimeko ones, even Liberty Vintage print ones – and they look dead good – well, about as good as a face mask could look anyway. And they’re only £15 too.

Hit them up on their Instagram to get yours. See you out there.


Suzy Loves Milo