Manchester City Council Looking to 'Sustain' Pedestrianisation of the Northern Quarter

This would be mint!

By Manchester's Finest | 22 April 2021

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David Dixon/Geograph

The Northern Quarter has been transformed throughout the pandemic with the pedestrianisation of Thomas Street, Edge Street, Stevenson Square and loads of massive terrace’s opening up – it’s been a Mediterranianesque hotspot.

For many – if not all – of us, this new pedestrianised city life has been a dream come true, even if it’s raining and freezing.

Life has been breathed back into the city courtesy of 350 pavement licenses granted by the Council, allowing businesses to adapt to the new norm,

Now after a hugely successful first week back, the Council are said to be considering how to ‘sustain’ the arrangements into the future.

Gerald England/Geograph

Joanne Roney OBE, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, said: “This last week has felt nothing short of a rebirth for the city. It’s been wonderful to see shops open again and the city really start to come back to life in all this glorious spring weather which has helped ensure cafes and bars in the city centre can trade safely outside.

“Manchester is a city of reinvention, of creating opportunity out of adversity – and we are at our best when we work together, listening and doing things differently. Opening the city up with increased public space, working with businesses to open safely, finding new ways of working to make sure the hospitality industry can operate outside. Innovation has been key.

“Being a city centre resident myself, it has been remarkable to see this work play out, and it’s with big thanks to our fantastic businesses and partners – such as United City group – who have helped us re-imagine the city post-Covid.

“Of course, this is not without major challenges and safety must continue to be at the forefront of our thinking. But for a city of reinvention – and recovery – there’s nowhere I’d rather be.”

Pretty much all of the bars have found themselves fully booked and with queues out the door as people wait for a seat and a nice frosty pint, keeping the area fully pedestrianised could really help this continue.

What do you think should happen?!