Where did the Mancunian accent come in a poll of the 10 Sexiest UK Accents?

I mean - what the hell is going on here!!?!

By Ben Brown | May 10th '19

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I'm furious. Not only am I furious I'm also disappointed. Not just with everyone who voted in the Top 10 Sexiest Accents poll, but their families, their friends and even their pets. Here's the Top 10...

10th. Cockney 9th. Yorkshire 8th. Welsh Valleys 7th. Geordie 6th. Scouse 5th. Mancunian 4th. Queen's English 3rd. Glaswegian 2nd. Northern Irish 1st. Essex

How is ESSEX number one?! What? Like Joey Essex? Terrible. I mean, I understand the Northern Irish and Glasweigain bit - they deserve to be up there but then there's the Queen's English? Like Hugh Grant or some toff with a silver spoon in their gob. The poll was created by Big 7 Travel, who collated the results  from a 1.5 million audience, with votes cast from readers across the world, including residents in the United Kingdom. You can see the Top 50 right here. Okay so we've been mugged off. Let's try and sort it out for next year. All you people with Mancunian accents I want you to try and get on TV and Radio as much as possible in the next 12 months - lets get to number 1 and shove it in them stupid Essex faces. Lots of Love, Ben Brown x