My Lockdown Playlist: LoFi Summer Tunes

The perfect soundtrack for the hottest weekend of the year...

By Alex Watson | 28 May 2020

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Stolen Dance, a song by Milky Chance on Spotify

I’m pretty proud of my ability to make cracking playlists ever since I got Spotify in 2013.

It was then that I could afford to pay for songs instead of riddling the computer with viruses from Limewire.

But yeah anyway, I’ve never had any complaints about my playlists ever since. Then again, the only time other people have to listen to them is smashed at a party in MY house or in MY car while I drive.

Perfect Form EP by Cyril Hahn on Spotify

Anyway, I thought I’d take it back a few years to a playlist that began in summer 2017. This playlist is perfect and I mean perfect for this weekend. It’s set to be 28 degrees and the hottest day of the year.

It’s pretty heavy on the remixes with big Tom Misch/HONNE/Cyril Hanne vibes. You know the one. Could easily be the soundtrack to a bar in a shipping container in SoHo.

So blow up your paddling pool, stock the fridge with necessities (beer) and sit in your garden with this lo-fi playlist carefully travelling on the light summer breeze.

I can promise you will feel like you are on holiday. If not, don’t tell me I don’t wanna hear it, I’m too relaxed from this playlist.


PS. Sorry about the unimaginative title.