The new interactive map showcasing all of Manchester’s greatest innovations

And trust us - there’s a fair few on here you won’t believe...

By Alex Watson | 25 February 2020

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The interactive map displays the dates and locations of key scientific, industrial and cultural landmarks that happened in and around Manchester and they will blow your mind.

There are world records to inventions, engineering and bold steps to social progress all mapped out in this one handy spot.

It’s pretty common knowledge that legendary happenings such as the creation of Coronation Street, the splitting of the atom and Mancunian’s Emmeline Pankhurst’s efforts towards women’s rights to vote were all born in Manchester. But there’s plenty of other things that will shock you.

Did you know that Rolls met Royce at the Midland Hotel in Manchester? The first car produced by Royce was made in a Manchester factory in 1904 and he met Rolls in May of that year and left a significant impression.

The world’s first computer created to store and run a program electronically was created right here in our very city, called The Manchester Baby. It ran its first program on 21st June 1948.

In 1961, Manchester University lecturer, Herchel Smith developed a cost-effective way of producing the chemical that would later become a crucial discovery and part of making the contraceptive pill commercially available.

The map celebrates 50 of Greater Manchester’s finest innovations throughout history up to the present day.


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