New Wellbeing Hub The Resonance Centre is Offering FREE Yoga and Holistic Treatments

If you're looking to boost your health and mental wellbeing, or instigate some beneficial lifestyle changes without forking out for expensive classes then read on.

By Tim Alderson | Last updated 21 February 2022

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The Resonance Centre is your new holistic wellbeing hub dedicated to powerful positive change, and starting this week they have an amazing daily program of completely FREE classes with all equipment provided.

Situated in a lovingly converted old School Hall on Ashton New Road, the facility opened last year and has been proving highly popular with a number of sold out events and retreats, including a weekly sober dancefloor every Thursday.

Things are stepping up a notch though this month as the centre has just received funding to be able to offer a full program of classes and is now home to a completely free timetable operating 6 days a week.

We caught up with their founder, Juanita, who saved her own physical and mental health with yoga, meditation, dancing and a radical lifestyle/diet overhaul.

“I saw just how costly classes and events can be, so The Resonance Centre was designed to provide access to these transformational practices free of charge.”

“The Resonance Centre is a growing holistic community offering free classes, access to free holistic training and the opportunity to work with trauma-informed yoga teachers. We focus on resilience and will also soon be delivering two fully funded courses on healing trauma from a holistic perspective.”

Yoga and meditation aren’t the only thing on the cards though, getting on the dancefloor and throwing some shapes is also big part of what The Resonance Centre has to offer.

“We also host a conscious rave called Born Free every Thursday from 6:30-9pm along with an extended edition once a month, the next is on Saturday 19th March”

“Alongside all this the #ManchesterWellnessCollective was also established, and is a growing collective of yoga teachers and holistic therapists seeking to make yoga, meditation, massage, tapping, reflexology and other therapies more normal and accessible for people who need them most.”

All matts and equipment are provided and there’s no need to book your class to get involved, they’re operated on a first come first serve basis, so take a look at the program and drop by for visit. Also don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram to see what’s happening, as there are loads of new events being added to the calendar all the time.

The Resonance Centre
599 Ashton New Rd, Manchester M11 4SG