NOW DELIVERING: 5 Litre Kegs of Proper Ale by Marble Beers

The real stuff delivered right to your door, all over the country.

By Alex Watson | 12 November 2020

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If you’re at least anything like us lot in the Finest office, the thought of another lockdown PINT-LESS was enough to cause a panic attack.

Luckily the government nipped that all in the bud in another one of those spectacular u-turns they’re getting pretty famous for.

But if like me, now we’re in lockdown the thought of putting jeans on and real shoes is too much of a daunting task again, fear not. Marble is doing local (and national) deliveries of all the spectacular ales, pales and stouts.

If you’re after trying something new and fizzy, they’ve got you covered with three new annual releases and an entirely new beer, ‘Extra Special Marble’.

The three 2020 bottles include a fruit Pineapple, Cacao & Acai Imperial Stout (12%), Bretted Pilsner on Apricot (6.4%) and Old Ale Amontillado (12.4%).

Although seemingly a little bit tropical, the new Imperial Stout plenty of depth to the flavoured layers. You can expect notes of sticky toffee pudding, dark chocolate and liquorice all rounded off with the sweet fruitiness of pineapple and cacao on the palate. It’s a harmonious, fruity and nutty stout perfect for ringing in these winter months.

The oldest of the three is the Bretted Pilsner, aged for three years on a 200kg bed of pureed apricot. It’s a light, dry and spritzy lager with delicate apricot notes and a funky finish.

And finally, the 12.4% Old Ale Amontillado aged in a 2018 vintage Old Ale Amontillado sherry casks. It’s further aged for another 51 weeks in the bottle to give a rich and sumptuous flavour. Expect country fruits, elegant nuts and echoes of tobacco in this deep and complex ale.

The newest can to the core range is the Extra Special Marble (5.5%) available in can, minikeg and keg.

The deep amber bitter has a sweet and nutty base with notes of toffee, caramel, biscuit and toasted nuts all measured perfectly with happiness and notes of tangerine marmalade. There’s a grapefruit zesty finish.

You can order multipacks (12 or 24 cans) including two options for a mixed pack of either the Core Range (£65) or the Hop Forward case (£38.50).

Marble have redirected their vans that usually deliver their ales to pubs, to ship any orders either local or now nationally. Now everyone, whether they’re in Lands End or John o’Groats, can pretend they’re sat on the slanted floor of Marble Arch sipping something hoppy reminiscing the beautiful memories of the pub.

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