NQ64 launch Charity ‘Game for Ukraine’ Fundraiser

Taking place on Sunday 20th March...

By Manchester's Finest | 11 March 2022

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It’s sometimes very difficult to even fathom writing some of the things that I’m still writing about at the moment, in full knowledge of what’s going on over in Ukraine at this very moment.

Many things pale into insignificance when such horrors are unfolding before our very eyes, but I won’t have it said that the people of Manchester haven’t stood up and made their voices heard over the last couple of weeks.

Not only has there been protests, vigils and demonstrations, but also the city’s hospitality venues have come up with a range of fundraising events and initiative, all in an attempt to drum up some money and just try to do SOMETHING when many of us feel helpless.

One such venue is NQ64, who will be hosting a special day on Sunday 20th March, where they’re inviting guests to ‘GAME FOR UKRAINE’.

All revenue from their game token sales for the day will be donated to the DEC who raise funds quickly and efficiently at times of crisis overseas, saving people, protecting people and rebuilding lives through effective humanitarian response.

The DEC charities and their local partners are in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries providing food, water, shelter and medical assistance.

‘Game for Ukraine’ will be taking place at both NQ64 locations on Peter Street and in the NQ on Sunday 20th March, from 12pm until 2am. Walk-ins only.


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