Queer Brewing Project turns 1 with a new dinosaur-themed PINK beer!!

Money from each can sold goes to LGBTQ+ charities

By Alex Watson | 7 May 2020

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The Queer Brewing Project turns one and is celebrating with an extra-special dinosaur-based beer.

Queer Brewing Project was set up to examine the ways in which queer and trans identities intersect with an intolerant society. The response from the project showed clearly that inclusivity within the beer industry while improving, was not quite where it needs to be.

The project chooses not to partner exclusively with breweries with LGBTQ+ employees to demonstrate that fostering and inciting change and advocacy doesn’t lie solely with those who need it the most.


So far the Queer Brewing Project has brewed up loads of beers with tonnes of amazing breweries from across the world including Denmark, Norway, Germany, Scandinavia, the US and of course the UK.

The celebratory new beer has been brewed up with Manchester’s very own, Marble Brewery, Birthday Dinosaurs.

Birthday Dinosaurs comes from the very first beer Queering Brewing Project created in 2018 with Marble Brewery, Dinosaurs Will Die. The birthday beer is papaya and guava Berliner Weisse that is actually pink.


“Brewed in collaboration with the Queer Brewing Project this tropical fruit Berliner Weisse celebrates the projects first birthday with 20p of every can sold going to LGBTQ charities. We are proud to again have the opportunity to work with Lily Waite on the beer and love her artwork.”

Queer Brewing Project is encouraging drinkers to snap a photo of you enjoying your Birthday Dinosaur on Friday May 8 at 6pm using the hashtag #BirthdayDinosaurs.

They’re also running a competition to win a bunch of Birthday Dinos. To enter, do you best dinosaur-related fun, whether that’s T-Rex biscuits or dressing up, anything goes. Share you photo before midnight Thursday 7 with the hashtag #QueerBrewingParty.

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