Rum on Tap (Literally). This Might be The UK's First Rum Dispensary...

The Salford Rum Company's Golden Spice is so popular, they've done us all a favour and added a refill service.

By Manchester's Finest | 18 February 2020

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With the rise of more conscious consumerism, there’s been quite a few zero-waste refill shops popping up. You know, the ones with bulk vats of soap, rice, olive oil (pretty much everything) that you can take as little or much as you like in your own container.

The concept makes complete sense to me, and I’m slightly unsure as to why no one suggested it earlier. And what makes even more sense, is adding alcohol to the equation.

Salford Rum has set up what is believed to be the UK’s first eco-friendly rum dispensary, by partnering with the people-owned, Village Greens to dispense and refill their premium spiced rums.

Pop down to the Prestwich based co-op, and while you fill your basket with locally sourced wholefoods and sustainable household goods, the team can fill up your empty Salford Rum bottle with a full 70cl size serve of Golden Spice Rum – reducing waste, supporting the environment and customers will make a saving on the usual retail price too.

Salford Rum co-founder James Harrison said: “Ever since we launched our Golden Spice rum in August 2018, our customers have been asking us to offer a refill service. The bottle design makes it a real collectors item, so no one wants to throw it away. It’s great to be able to finally offer a this service in partnership with our long-standing customer, Village Greens, while helping to reduce waste and support the environment.”

“We are looking for additional dispensary locations so we can offer Salford Rum refills throughout Greater Manchester, and at other ways we can reduce our impact on the environment.”


Salford Rum Dispensary

Venue: Village Greens, Prestwich

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