SICK! Festival Must See: The Year My Vagina Tried to Kill Me 

Stand-up comedian and theatre-maker, Amy Vreeke is back with what promises to be an eye-opening and hilarious live show. 

By Alex Watson | 27 August 2019

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Back in 2016, Amy Vreeke explains, was the year her vagina tried to kill her. The name of the showing, stemming from a difficult period (no pun intended) where Amy separated herself from her vagina and thought of them as two separate entities, fighting against each other.  

At 22, Amy was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis, after over a decade of difficulties. A case that is similar for most women struggling with the disease.

And in fact, a lot of women in the UK have been affected with 1 in 10 UK women having the life-altering disease. 

Endometriosis causes the uterus lining to grow in other parts of the body and a wide range of painful symptoms can affect a woman’s life because of this. 

But, as we all know, humour is the only proper way to cope with just about anything bad that might happen to us. Indeed, Amy knows this too, creating her blunt-storying telling approach to the disease. 

Exploring the taboos surrounding women’s health, Amy gives the audience an insight into life with a chronic illness, with captivating stories (involving no other than toilet-based mishaps and failed one-night stands), incredibly dry jokes and even a little help from the Gilmore Girls.  

The show promises to be an insightful and hilarious night exploring women’s health, hoping to make conversations as such more normal as Amy explains how she survived the year her vagina tried to kill her. 


The Year My Vagina…
by Amy Vreeke

Where: Martin Harris Centre 
When: Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd October
Time: 7pm
Cost: £5-£15

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