The 21 Best Things to Order when 'Eating Out to Help Out' in Manchester

Including plenty of Wagyu steaks, 3-course dinners for £10 and Pie & Chips for less than a fiver...

By Ben Brown | 11 August 2020

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We’ve been packing away some serious food over the last week or so – mostly with 50% off thanks to the government’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme.

There are some seriously good deals and dishes to get out there – here’s a selection of our favourites so far…

The Best Steak and Chips in Britain for £10 @ Hawksmoor
Is this the best steak and chips in Britain? That’s what the lot over at Hawksmoor are saying and if we’re all being honest – it’s probably up there. Top 3 at the very least. Anyway, if you can manage to get yourself booked in there this August you can enjoy this lovely steak and chips for ten British pounds.

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2 Courses, 1 side and a Double G&T for £15 @ Three Little Words
Three Little Words have decided to do what they do best and offer a bit of booze with their offer – which might be slightly against the rules but we don’t care. Their set menu means you can get 2 courses, 1 side and a double G&T – all for just £15. You can also have beer or a soft drink if you want but when the gin is distilled 3 metres away from you – why would you?

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A Full English in a Loaf for £5 @ Bread & Bowl
Bread & Bowl have just set up shop in the fucking brilliant Northern Quarter boozer The Wheatsheaf and we couldn’t be more excited. They specialise in serving up huge dishes – all in a hollowed-out bread loaf. Their Full English Breakfast in a bread bowl is legendary and if I’m being honest – you could share one they’re so big. £2.50 then.

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Caramel Soy Beef Fillet for £16 @ Tattu
Any visit to Tattu is sure to be extravagant, but you won’t have to re-mortgage your house to enjoy the finer things in life thanks to the scheme. Probably the most extravagant thing on their menu, the Caramel Soy Beef Fillet is absolutely stunning – and you honest won’t regret spending a measly £16 on it I promise.

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A Gourmet Kebab + Greek Fries for £8 @ BAB
You can bag yourself a proper fit kebab from BAB in the NQ, add some fries and still be paying less than a tenner. Go for their classic Lamb Adana and a bowl of their amazing Greek Fries and you’re only going to have to pay £8. If you really want to push the boat out though, you can now get their Venison Poutine Kebab for only £7!

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3-Course Express Menu for £10 @ TNQ
You’re always in for a treat when you go to TNQ, but this August it’s even better. They usually offer an ‘Express Menu’ for £19.95 – where you get yourself 3 courses for just £19.95. Well – you can get it for a tenner now. The choice of dishes is top notch too with Grass-fed Flat Iron Steak, Lamb Kofta Flatbread, a Steak & Porter Pie and plenty more on offer.

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A Wagyu, Black Truffle and 24k Gold Pizza for £10 @ Crazy Pedro’s
Pedro’s new August special pizza is a truly magnificent – coming loaded with burrata cheese, Wagyu beef, fresh Black Truffle, Tarragon Mayo and 24k Gold Leaf! It’s usually £20 for the whole 16 incher but if you go Monday – Wednesday – you can get it for a tenner.

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Any burger + any fries + wings + large drink for £10 @ Almost Famous
Almost Famous have decided to offer one of the best deals this August where you can get your hands-on LOADS of food for only ten sheets. You’ll get one of their burgers, which are usually massive anyway, plus any of their fries, some wings and a large soft drink. You’re going to need your stretchy pants matey.

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Fresh Squid, King Prawn & Squid Ink Paella for 2 for £14 @ La Bandera
There’s a whole host of delights on the menu at La Bandera – too many to list here really so I’ve just picked one of their most extravagant and delicious paellas. They have no ‘cap’ at La Bandera so you can spend as much as you like and you’re going to get 50% off it all.

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Lamb Testicle Croquettes with 24ct Gold for £5 @ Elnecot
There’s a fantastic new menu over at Elnecot and if I’m being honest there’s almost too much to choose from when I can only choose one. I’ve plumped for their ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ dish though, mainly because with it being half price – it’s the perfect opportunity to give it a try. It’s lamb testicles by the way, topped with gold leaf. Go on – I dare you to give it a go…

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3 Huge Beef Short Ribs for £15 @ Cane & Grain
July saw Cane & Grain simplify their menu so that they could concentrate on doing their ribs really, really, really well – and it’s paid off. These Beef Short Ribs are absolutely massive and you can get 3 of ’em for only £15 on the EITHO scheme. You could share them, but it’s better if you just have one rack each.

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Three dishes plus a Lassi or Nimbu Pani for £10 @ Bundobust
Bundobust are offering up ANY 3 dishes, plus a lassi or Nimbu Pani for only £10 this August. You can choose any 3 dishes off the menu, which is actually a lot harder than it might seem. Personally I’d smash a Vada Pav, Okra Fries and a Bundo Chaat. Actually, what about the Paneer Tikka? Or the Raghda Pethis? Shit, I don’t know what to choose now.

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A HUGE Cheese-stuffed Tower Burger for £6 @ The Pen & Pencil
They’ve got a set of new Burger Specials over at The Pen & Pencil, with their new Tower Burger being easily the biggest. It’s a HUGE beef marrow patty that’s stuffed with cheese that just oozes out when you bite into it. It’s then topped off with a potato rosti, Catalan sauce and salad and a ton of chips. All for £6.

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Katsu Bowl with Steamed & Tempura Veg for £10 @ Cottonopolis
They’ve got a set menu over at Cottonopolis and it’s only bloody 10 quid! There’s a meat option and a vegan option – basically a Katsu Bowl filled with either Salt & Pepper Chicken or Tofu, with sticky rice and a side of Steamed Asian Vegetables and a side of crispy Tempura Vegetables.⁣

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A Steak & Ale Pie with Thrice Cooked Chips & Gravy for £4.85 @ The Bay Horse Tavern
There’s loads on offer at The Bay Horse and I nearly put down their Baked Camembert to share (which you can get for £5.10), or their Full English Breakfast (£5.10) but I settled on one of their brilliant pies, because they come with their legendary Thrice Cooked Chips and there’s LOADS for less than a tenner.

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3-Course Chancellor’s Menu for £10 @ Mamucium
You can get a 3-course meal at Mamucium for only ten quid this August – that’s going to be pretty hard to beat. The menu features many of Mamucium’s most popular dishes including Wild Garlic Pesto Linguine, Hand-Battered Haddock & Chips, Sticky Toffee Pudding and a selection of locally produced ice-creams.

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Spaghetti Lobster for £10 @ Don Giovanni
I mean, you could go to Don Giovanni and get their classic Spaghetti Carbonara, but what other chance will you get to have their Lobster Spaghetti? Sure, it’s well worth the usual 20 quid that you’d normally pay but when you’re getting it for ten quid – it’s a no brainer. And it’s delicious.

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Any Main, Starter or Pudding, Any Side, Boozy Drink for £10 @ Trof
Trof have their brilliant ‘Jammy Bastards’ offer every Monday, where you can get 50% off your food, but they’ve (naturally) extended and improved on it this August with this set meal. You can have a main, a starter or pudding, any side and a bit of booze for £10. Mega.

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The ‘Refuge Experience’ for £20pp @ The Refuge
To say that this thing is big would definitely be an understatement. Usually costing a whopping £180, this ‘experience’ is certainly that, with enough food to easily feed 6 very hungry people. With the EITHO scheme, it only comes to £20 per person and includes the following: 1.2kg Persian spiced, slow-cooked lamb shoulder, Fattoush, Chickpea daal, Curried sweet potato, Quinoa, Triple-cooked Maris Pipers, Olives, Fire-roasted Padrón peppers, Mutabal and flatbreads, Smoked feta and beetroot, Gloucester Old Spot pork belly and Salt cod croquettes. Pretty much everything on the menu then.

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House Sugo for £7 @ Sugo Pasta Kitchen
Sugo Pasta Kitchen is BACK! My wife will be SO happy. Actually, I’m very happy about it too because it means that she’ll be happy. But it also means that you can get their House Sugo pasta, which is orecchiette with slow cooked beef shin, pork shoulder and nduja ragu, for 7 sheets.

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Pichana steak and a side for £10 @ Peru Perdu
Those Peruvians take their meat and BBQ rather seriously, and so this August Peru Perdu are offering their Picanha steak and a side for just £10. What’s a Pichana steak? Well, it’s a cut of meat that’s extremely popular in South America and especially Argentina and Brazil – where it’s considered the most “prized cut” of the cow.

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