The Man giving a Historic Tour down the River Irwell... on a Canoe!

Canoeist Dermo RoSheen takes us on a journey down the Irwell, and through history...

By Ben Brown | 9 February 2021

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If you live anywhere near Greater Manchester’s abundant waterways, you might have seen a fella on a canoe at some point – usually taking pictures, a bit of video or just enjoying the scenery.

Well, it’s highly likely that it’s canoeist Dermo RoSheen, who enthusiastically explores the waters of the North, taking in the rich history and heritage of the canals and rivers and ultimately – tells us all about it.

Alongside his excellent Instagram page – Living the Dream Canoes – he’s also put together a series of fantastic and informative YouTube videos – documenting his travels and the history behind the things he sees.

His most recent is a trip down the iconic River Irwell, from taking in the Manchester Ship Canal, MediaCity, Manchester’s underground waterways and ending up down near the Cathedral. I must say, he’s managed to be extremely informative, entertaining, and actually rather relaxing.

You should definitely give it a watch – it’s better than half of the stuff on Netflix, and you’ve probably seen the other half already. Here it is…

Follow Dermo on his Instagram here…

Living The Dream Canoes