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Hawksmoor steaks will to go on sale at Ocado this week...

By Manchester's Finest | 8 February 2021

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From Wednesday 10th February, Hawksmoor’s steaks will be available to buy from Ocado, featuring 7 steaks: individual prime cuts such as Ribeye, Sirloin, Rump and Fillet and larger cuts such as Prime Rib, Porterhouse and T-Bone.

The individual steaks and prime cuts will join the growing Hawksmoor at Home range and be available to order for nationwide deliveries via Hawksmoor’s online shop.

“It has been a joy finding silver linings during this pandemic, which has been so difficult for restaurants and all the people whose livelihoods rely on them. While it has severely hampered our reason for being, to make people happy, and we greatly miss that magic happy hum of people enjoying themselves in our restaurants, through Hawksmoor at Home we’ve been able to support our farmers and bring a little Hawksmoor char and cheer into people’s homes. We are now continuing down this path by bringing the same steaks we cook in the restaurants to our own website and to Ocado” says Hawksmoor co-founder Will Beckett.

Lucy Silver, meat buying manager at Ocado says: “We’re delighted to be the only grocery retailer to stock the full range of Hawksmoor steaks – just in time for Valentines Day. The brand stands for high animal welfare and responsible farming which aligns perfectly with Ocado’s commitment to sustainability and delivering great quality produce to our customers. We predict that the steaks will be very popular indeed. They are available to pre-order now from”

For over 15 years Will and Hawksmoor co-founder Huw Gott have been talking to experts, reading extensively and, most importantly, working with farmers to create a unique supply chain of lovingly-reared British beef. They believe that animal welfare, sustainable farming and supporting independent farmers are not just the right thing to do – they’re as close as you can get to a guarantee of great tasting beef.

Hawksmoor beef comes from a network of British farms from cattle reared to their specification, which means they lead a stress-free life, are fed on a natural grass and forage-based diet and live long lives (up to 30 months) in family groups. Hawksmoor’s farmers follow bio-diverse regenerative farming practices, working with nature rather than irrespective of nature. Most are small family-owned farms with around 100 head of cattle. Carefully aged in a bespoke dry-aging room, the result is the best tasting beef you will find anywhere in the world.

The same care and attention have been given to the packaging of the new steak range. Designed in house by Hawksmoor, the Twin Kraft box is made with recycled board and is recyclable.

The individual prime cuts are available in the same sizes you’d expect to see at Hawksmoor restaurants, starting with Rump at £12 for 300g, 400g Ribeye and Sirloin both priced at £20 and a 300g Fillet at £22. The large cuts are priced per 100 grams: T-Bone at £3.50 per 100g, Prime Rib at £3.50 and Porterhouse at £4.

Each purchase via the Ocado or Hawksmoor websites will come with links to masterclass videos, tips and more from Hawksmoor Executive Chef Matt Brown (a previous Head Chef of two restaurants with three Michelin stars).

Hawksmoor online shop also features popular Hawksmoor at Home DIY meal kits with frequently changing cuts of steak, sides, desserts and drinks alongside Cocktails at Home and bespoke selections of wines, spirits and beers. All items are available for nationwide deliveries.

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