Feel Good Club are Staying Open for Takeaway Coffee and Mental Health Support

Remaining open in lockdown 2.0 offering support to those who may be struggling.

By Alex Watson | 10 November 2020

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The mental health and wellbeing focused coffee house started from seriously humble beginnings – a simple Instagram page.

Despite the lockdown, Feel Good Club will be remaining open for takeaway coffees.

All their staff are mental health first aid trained, so if you find yourself lonely, in need of a pick me up or just a chat with someone new, you can head down for a takeaway brew and some support through the lockdown.



If you fancy making someone’s day in lockdown you can take part in their pay it forward scheme so someone else can enjoy a coffee on you.

You can easily enjoy one of their pay it forward coffees too if you are in need, struggling or having a hard time. To make ordering as comfortable as possible you can send them a message on Instagram before you order or ask for a ‘Thumbs Up‘ and the staff will know exactly what you mean.


To help everyone settle into lockdown 2.0, tomorrow night there will be an evening of spoken word.

Everyone is invited to express themselves, de-stress and ‘grab a slice of normality pre-lockdown’.

Once everything is a little more back to normal, Feel Good Club will be a space to host community events, a co-working space and a place to relax.

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