The Valentines Themed Quiz coming to the Northern Quarter Next Week

If candlelit dinners and teddy bears aren't for you, Alvarium has you covered.

By Emma Davidson | 4 February 2022

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If you’re feeling particularly sad and lonely this Valentine’s Day, and can’t think of anything worse than witnessing outrageous levels of PDA or receiving a big bouquet of love-drenched roses, then it’s time to get all your mates together for a quiz at Alvarium on Tuesday 8th February

Ok, hear me out, the theme IS Valentines, but the rounds will consist of general knowledge, music, an extremely BRUTAL round of snog marry kill on the bar’s staff and, finally, a multiple choice round.

It doesn’t sound like you’ll spend all night surrounded by loved up couples gazing into each other’s eyes over a bottle of wine, does it? It’ll probably be more like a room full of drunk single mates, or couples who have disagreed on a quiz question and are now in the huff and filing for divorce.

The winners of the quiz will get entered into Alvarium’s final round competition, in which prizes consist of bar tabs, restaurant tabs and steamy valentines themed gifts. I’m sure you can find a way of making these work on your own…

The bar is also creating some VERY special Valentine’s cocktails and shooters, exclusively for the event.  

If all of this sounds like a perfect way to spend the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day and you’re already rounding up the troops for a night of fun-loving, you can book a table by emailing

The event is £2pp, £1 of which goes to charity and the other pound goes into a pot to win at the end of the quiz. 

Once the quiz is over, one player from each of the top three teams will come up to the quiz-master to have their chance at answering the ‘impossible question’, and whoever gets the impossible question right will win the prize fund. 

If no-one manages to put their unmatched quiz master brain to good use, then the fund rolls over to be won at the following month’s quiz.

So, if you’re in the mood for an unconventional Valentine’s celebration, or just fancy showing off you mastermind-esque skills, we’ll see you at Alvarium next Tuesday.