There’s a Bacon Flavoured Cocktail you can now get in Ancoats

...and it's served with actual crispy bacon pieces!

By Alex Watson | Last updated 21 February 2020

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Something I never thought I’d catch myself writing about was a cocktail flavoured with meat, albeit the most flavoursome meat there is, I still never thought it would happen.

On the back of weird and wonderful trends, this out of the box cocktail at Elnecot is definitely on the list of the most unique cocktails that you can get your hands on in Manchester.

Elnecot created the ‘Bringing Home The Begging Bacon’ cocktail as a homage to the working-class heritage of Manchester, also referencing an old English insult , as to refer to someone as ‘Beggin Bacon’.

The cocktail is based on the classic and famous British flavour combinations of honey, pork and apple which are obviously usually found in a pie – but it’s 2020 and we’re doing liquid diets.

It uses the science of fat washing, a process that has grown significantly over the last couple of decades, to fuse the flavour into the spirit and create a delightful drink.

This process, often used in perfume making, works because alcohol dissolves in both oil and water-soluble flavours. To create the base of the bacon cocktail (Bacon Washed Calvados), Elnecot starts by combining the alcohol with bacon.

The mixture is then chilled, solidifying the bacon before filtering the spirit and leaving a delicious bacon flavour behind in the Calvados.

The new Bacon Washed Calvados is mixed with Maple syrup, Port and a French liqueur, Yellow Chartreuse.

What’s left is a short but mighty cocktail that will deceive your taste buds but leave you wanting more!


Bringing Home the Begging Bacon


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Elnecot, 41 Blossom Street, Cutting Room Square, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 6AJ