This Manchester-based business have discovered the city's Most Popular Cocktail

Someone has analysed the UK's online cocktail searches and Manchester's might surprise you...

By Manchester's Finest | 16 July 2020

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Manchester-based Scenic Cruises & Tours have analysed Google search data to discover which cocktail recipes people are searching for most in the UK and they’ve uncovered Manchester’s most popular cocktail.

Online searches for cocktail recipes increased a whopping +640% during lockdown – with the classic Aperol Spritz being the city’s most searched for tipple. This was followed closely by Espresso Martini and Mojito. Surprise you?!

I suppose one of the main reasons the Aperol Spritz was SO popular during lockdown was due to the weather – it was glorious sunshine for weeks – and a nice refreshing Aperol is perfect for the sunshine. On top of this, nobody needs to do an online search for a Gin & Tonic – which could skew the figures even more.

For the rest of the UK, the most popular cocktail was the Espresso Martini – a cocktail that is actually quite difficult to make and/or remember what goes into it. Personally I find them vile but there’s clearly plenty of people out there who love ’em.

In terms of the world – the Mojito comes out on top in 60 countries – making it the most popular cocktail in the world.

None of these hold a candle up to a Snakebite & Black though. I believe that is generally considered to be the best cocktail of all time.

For all of the full details on the survey – visit the link below…

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