Yum Cha Returns: Eat as much DIM SUM as you like at Cottonopolis

Our favourite Sunday past time is back from Sunday 2nd August!

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 21 July 2020

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We’ve talked a lot in the past about the excellent Yum Cha over at Cottonopolis in the Northern Quarter – but if you’ve never heard of it – I’ll let you know all about it once again.

It’s quite possibly one of the best things to do on a Sunday ever, as you can EAT AS MUCH DIM SUM AS YOU LIKE from their dedicated Yum Cha trolleys – all for just £26 per person.

Staring at 4pm every week, the idea is nice and simple. You sit down and an array of Dim Sum dishes are brought right to your table on the trolleys – you pick off what you want and then eat it. Simple, effective and above all – delicious.

Throughout your 2 hour time slot you’ll be presented with a dizzying array of treats from gyoza, sushi, baos, spring rolls, noodles, ribs and even desserts – there’s something for every taste and mood – and we LOVE it.

REVIEW: Finest goes to Cottonopolis to eat as much Dim Sum as we can…

Well, Yum Cha is returning to Cottonopolis from Sunday 2nd August and you can get yourself booked in for it below…

(Be sure to get your hands on the Beef Sesame Short Ribs while you’re there – they’re phenomenal!)


Yum Cha at Cottonopolis
Eat as much Dim Sum as you want

Date: Every Sunday from 2nd August
Time: 4pm – 10pm
Cost: £26pp

Book A Table


Cottonopolis, 16 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AE
0161 236 5144