Top 5 Food Series to Binge during Isolation

Including Binging with Babish, Chef’s Table & Anthony Bourdain...

By Manchester's Finest | 31 March 2020

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You probably can’t eat this good but you can certainly get some tips on improving your beans on toast from this lot…

Chef’s Table


The streaming giant’s flagship food series, Chef’s Table has certainly made a big splash over its 6 seasons, resulting in every Tom, Dick and Harry thinking they can serve a dessert on the table itself, or perhaps make a balloon that you can eat. You can’t – leave it to the professionals please everyone.


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Amazon Prime
One of the most electric and charismatic chefs to grace this planet, Anthony Bourdain certainly had an interesting life – much of which made its way onto his immensely watchable shows. Parts Unknown is an impressive concoction of travel, culture and food and Bourdain’s love of adventure is endlessly contagious.


Ugly Delicious


The blurb for this new-ish Netflix cooking show says it all really. “Chef David Chang leads friends on a mouthwatering, cross-cultural hunt for the world’s most satisfying grub. All the flavour. None of the BS”. Strong words indeed, but Ugly Delicious manages to live up to them – in part thanks to a great mix of food, travel and some pretty impressive special guests (including the legend – Danny McBride – eating steaks).


The Chef Show


Anyone who has watched the film Chef will know that Jon Faverau is a pretty big fan of food. Not only is this evident in this show on Netflix, it’s also evident on his waistline over the last few years. He’s a very likeable fella, and his passion is written all over this show, as he travels around with his mate Roy Choi to explore the skills of accomplished chefs from all over the world.


On YouTube…

There’s SO much on Munchies that any attempt to list or even highlight some of the best stuff will take way too long. Although to be fair – I’ve not really got much else to do instead. You can lose hours, if not days on Munchies, but be warned – you’ll be very hungry after it all.


Binging with Babish
This geezer started off making dishes that have been featured in TV shows and films, such as Pigeon Pie from Game of Thrones, A Grilled Charlie from It’s Always Sunny and even a full video of Harry Potter specials. Everything you can think of is in here – from the super-famous to the delectably-obscure. The best? The Moist Maker from Friends.


You Suck at Cooking
I mean – this can probably sum up around 90% of the world’s population – and as a result, the team from YSAC have successfully carved themselves a serious niche on their YouTube cooking channel. They concentrate on the simple, easy dishes – but done spectacularly well. They’re a bunch of funny buggers too.