Tour Manchester over the past 100 years with this new memory box…

This week sees some olden and golden pictures of the city centre!

By Alex Watson | 15 May 2020

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Manchester Archives+ is releasing weekly memory boxes of old pictures of Manchester to encourage conversation with our mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandparents and anyone who’s older than us!

There’s nothing better than spending an evening looking through all the old photos, that 1. Are actually printed and 2. Make you realise that maybe your mum and dad were cool for maybe a day in the 80s.

Hours can fly by when you’re looking back through old pictures and it’s an amazing thing to do with your grandparents and listen to all their crazy tales of holidays in Tenerife in the 60s.

The album from Manchester Archives+ features plenty of photos from years gone by across the city. They’ve been designed with conversation in mind, encouraging people to discover their family history, remember their childhood or just generally look back at the city we all grew up in.

With hopes of helping families, in particular, elders, give an insight into their lives and provide comfort during this uncertain time through reliving memories.

This week’s collection sees Manchester City Centre and the surrounding area looking pretty different to it does now. For a start, there’s a BHS on Market Street.

The album is split up into six different themes, Industry, Place, Health and Living Conditions, Pastimes, Radical Thinking, Communities.

There are also worksheets perfect for kids to fill in as they pick out some weird looking fur collars, a Woolworths or a garden that looks pleasant enough to sit in and somewhat unrecognisable.

So dig out the photo albums and get searching for some hidden gems! You never know, your very own picture could be featured in the next album.