Transform yourself into Joe Exotic, the Tiger King

"People don't come to see the tigers, they come to see me"

By Manchester's Finest | 28 April 2020

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Hey everyone, I’m Bethany Jane and I’m a makeup artist from Manchester. I’ve teamed up with the good folk at Manchester’s Finest for my own series of transformation makeup tutorials.

Obviously I had to start with the most famous man on the planet right now whilst everyone’s in self-isolation thanks to Netflix… of course I’m talking about Joe Exotic aka Tiger King (if the thumbnail in the video above didn’t give it away already!).

Here’s my step-by-step guide to creating the look…

Equipment Needed

Eyeliner pencil (Black)
Eyebrow comb
Kryolan Camoflage Palette
MAC Scuplt Powder
Alexis Stone Revolution Eyeshadow Palette
Thin Liner Brush
Eyeshadow brush
Crepe hair
Blonde wig
Diamond Fx Face Paints


– Draw in the nostrils using and eyeliner pencil

– Comb up the brows using eyebrow comb and block out area using a kryolan camouflage palette.

– Contouring the face Using MAC sculpt powder and adding highlights with the lightest concealer in the palette.

– For the darker shadowing areas I used the Alexis Stone Revolution eyeshadow palette, using the darker shadow.

– Using kryolan Creme paints I drew on the wrinkles with a thin liner brush, I then blended these out with my finger or a eyeshadow brush

– Using an adhesive I applied that onto the upper lip area and applied the crepe hair to create the facial hair.

– I finished the look off with a blonde wig and shaded the sides of my face/side Burns.

– Finally I painted on the Tiger Print shirt using Diamond Fx face paints.


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