Treat Mum to a Roast Dinner Delivered Right to Your Door!

She might do the best one you've ever had, but you're in quarantine and she's not cooking right now - so get it delivered!

By Alex Watson | Last updated 26 March 2020

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Dining out for your mum might not be an option right now but there’s still plenty of options to treat them to a lovely Mother’s Day!

The Whole Roast Chicken and Leg of Lamb has been added to their takeaway menu to make sure mums still have the chance for a delicious Sunday Dinner this Mother’s Day.

If you aren’t within the catchment area of Deliveroo, Zouk will deliver straight to your door instead!

The Whole Roast Chicken is marinated in a Balochi Sauce and served with all the trimmings making it big enough to comfortably serve two people.

Alternatively, they have also added the Sajji Raan Leg of Lamb to the take away menu which feeds up to 5 people!

The trimmings include fresh green vegetables, potatoes and Yorkshire puds. Last but by no means least, is gravy, lashings and lashings of thick gravy which is built up from simmering bones and with an added hint of spice from chilli, garlic and ginger to complete the zingy flavour.

Just place your order before 4pm Friday 20th March.

Order via Deliveroo or view menu here.


Zouk Tea Bar & Grill, 5, The Quadrangle, Chester Street, Manchester M1 5QS