The Ultimate Lunch: A Gourmet Kebab & Beer for just £10!

Gone are the days where it was only acceptable to eat kebabs at 2am as you stumble home, BAB has put gourmet kebabs into a special lunch deal. 

By Alex Watson | 30 August 2019

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You may have heard about a lovely little venue in the Northern Quarter called Bab. Championing the kebab cuisine with a wide and delicious selection of mezze as well, Bab have created a menu of kebabs worth sitting down for. 

And that means, even on your lunch break.

A lot can be said about what you have on your lunch break. The conversation usually starts around 10am in the Finest Office. ‘What’ve you got?’ ‘Where are you going?’. It’s often the biggest decision of the day. One mention of somewhere can swing your arm, leaving last nights leftovers in their cold baked bean-stained Tupperware in the fridge for another sad day. 

Well, it’s time to show off on your next lunchtime. Get the office, or your pals, or go on your own – why the hell not?!… to enjoy the £10 Express Lunch at BAB. 

The lunch deal is fresh, fast and full to bursting of vibrant flavours that I can guarantee you won’t find in the £3 Tesco Express Meal Deal. 


aleppo chilli / hummus / peppers / thoum

pickled turnips / Turkish brown sauce

madras mayo / pickled peppers

hummus / pickled tomatoes / pistachio dukkah / sunblushed tomato and harissa purée

Served on charcoal-grilled, homemade flatbread (you already know it’s going to be good) then coated in sauces all made up and prepared in their kitchen (told you it would be good). 

There are 4 choices on the menu, let’s start with a veggie one, shall we? The Halloumi BAB, filled with chunky griddled slices of the cheese that I believe is a gift from Moses his very self. Coated with a good guzzle of Madras Mayo and filled with pickled peppers. It’s light, fresh and full of flavour. 

Next up, Chicken BAB. Served with Aleppo chilli, hummus (another gift from Moses), peppers and thoum, a garlic sauce made with olive oil. 

Bab have catered for everyone on their lunch deal, including a vegan option the Grilled Tenderstem Broccoli BAB. Served with hummus, pickled tomatoes, pistachio dukkah and a sunblush tomato and harissa purée. Both nutty and sweet, this bab packs a punch and will be loved by everyone – not just vegans.

And finally, the humble but mighty and meaty Lamb Shawarma BAB. Served with pickled turnips and Turkish Brown Sauce.

To help you wash it all down you can get a Modelo Beer, a glass of house wine or a glass of Pepsi or Lemonade. Delicious. 


Express Lunch Menu at BAB
Kebab + Drink for £10

Available: Monday – Friday, 12pm – 3pm  

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