Weekend Walks: Lantern Pike & Cown Edge

Just a short drive out of Glossop to the village of Rowarth, this walk will give you a cracking view of Manchester on a clear day!

By Alex Watson | Last updated 27 July 2022

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This walk is in the surrounding area of Kinder. Where most people will head on up Kinder, this walk instead, will give you a cracking view still but without having to mingle with all the riff-raff – perfect if you’re socially distancing. Which I suppose we all should be doing right now.

Starting at the car park in Rowarth, head right past the houses of the tiny village then turn right down the small road and take the footpath at the bottom of the lane to the right towards The Little Mill pub with the famous water wheel.

The grade-II listed building was once a fully functioning water mill whipping up candle wick in the 1780s.

In another life, I’d really recommend bobbing in here for your pre- or post-walk pint but for now, your flask of tier 3 friendly mulled wine will have to suffice.

Walk past the pub and continue on the road until you meet a Y-junction, take the right fork up the bridleway and continue straight until you go through Wethercoates Farm and meet the road.

When you emerge, turn left on the road and left again after a row of around five houses up the steep lane towards Lantern Pike. You’ll pass a single cottage, keep left on the path.

Once you get to the top you can head left up the footpath to take in the views from the top of Lantern Pike or continue straight with the wall on your right and head back down the hill, veering left across the field towards the gate.

Word of warning, on this hill on a very very wet day I went absolutely flying. So step with care and all that.

Once you reach the gate, head left and continue following the obvious path. The path is pretty much laid out for you here so stick to the bridleways and footpaths passing Matleymoor Farm on your left and after that, a seriously impressive driveway lined with trees. Once you reach the road, turn left and it’s time to head up the hill.

At this point on the walk, you’re probably thinking is it almost over, well, unfortunately, you have to head up that giant hill that has been looming over you since you could see it in the distance at Lantern Peak.

Head up the big steep hill in front of you, eventually, you’ll reach a stile at the top. Hop over this and walk along ‘Cown Edge’, taking in all the views. Continue down the hill (in a southerly direction if you’ve got a compass) into Rowarth village which you’ll be able to see.


Weekend Walk: Lantern Pike & Cown Edge

Starting point: Rowarth village car park
Distance: 13km
Time: ~5 hours
Elevation gain: 394 metres