The Weekly Drool #024 - The Elnecot Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast just got SO much better.

By Alex Watson | 4 February 2020

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It goes without saying that if you put anything between two slices of bread, the North will rejoice. And that definitely means breakfast too.

We just seemingly can’t get enough of things that have been placed between two bits of bread. Melted cheese, bacon, sausages, pies – you name it – we’ve made a sandwich out of it.

As the most important meal of the day (so the legend goes), breakfast is usually at the forefront of this sandwich mayhem – and the team at Ancoats’ favourite Elnecot have jumped right on it with their Breakfast Sandwich (£8.00).

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Ancoats, Elnecot have been serving up incredible food for the past few years – delighting customers with a range of Modern British small plates, weekend brunch and a Sunday Roast that will blow your socks off.

To the Breakfast Sandwich then, a butty that features arguably the best kind of egg ever (FRIED), alongside the usual ingredients of a proper fry up – crispy bacon, Grandad’s sausage and plenty of tomato relish. 

What you’ll also find is a spiced peach sauce (that I want to take home in bucket loads) and kick-ass cheddar melted over the top and cheese, as we all know makes anything better. 

All of this is piled high between a wonderful potato brioche bun – ready for your awaiting gob to devour.


The Elnecot Breakfast Sandwich (£8)


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41 Blossom Street, Cutting Room Square, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 6AJ