Wine on Wheels - The Ultimate Wine Delivery Service is here!!

Order online for a delivery of wine straight to your door (safely, of course).

By Alex Watson | Last updated 27 March 2020

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We’re all stuck inside at the moment. Some of you have the luxury of a garden or a balcony. I am currently stuck with neither – it’s only day 3 and I already think I might be going mad.

What I am definitely doing though, is cracking open a nice bottle of vino at around 4pm every bloody evening. It’s becoming a bit of an issue but realistically when are we all going to get this chance ever again?

Fingers crossed it’s never.

So with that in mind, it’s important we drink the good stuff.

I’m very nearly close to being dry of any wine and I can imagine you’re all the same too.

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Luckily Vin-Yard, which is usually based in Hatch, have set up a lockdown delivery system and will bring you wine right to your door (safely, of course).

They’ve got 58 types of red, 55 white, 26 sparkling (including Bolly dear!) and 7 different wee rosé’s.

If that’s a bit overwhelming for you, you can drop them an email with your requests/ what you usually drink and they can advise accordingly.

So if you’re having a Houseparty (the online kind), get the wine in and have a boogie in the comfort of your living room!

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