World War II Hero, 98, BEATS Coronavirus

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By Alex Watson | 27 March 2020

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Jack & his son Mark. Credit: The Bolton News.

Jack Bowden is a 98-year-old grandad has officially fully recovered from coronavirus after testing positive for the virus just last week.

Jack, from Bolton, is set to celebrate his 99th birthday in May. He has now returned to his nursing home after his condition vastly improved from being in hospital last week.

During WW2 Jack, a former pharmacist worked at the Roal Navy medical School producing vital supplies of Penicillin.

According to his granddaughter Nicola, Jack is in great spirits and even complaining about staying in bed.

Mark Bowden, Jack’s youngest son, told the Bolton News: “The doctor spoke to me and had concerns that he was getting confused. He was admitted to hospital and was treated for a suspected urine infection, they felt he improved a lot over the week.

“The doctors told me that they had tested him for COVID-19. On the Wednesday, when my brother rang me to say that his test result was positive, I couldn’t believe it.

Credit: The Bolton News

“I spoke to my father on the phone and he said: ‘I think I’ve actually got the real thing’. He was moved to an isolation ward on Thursday.

“By the Friday they rang me to say that they were discharging him, they said he had a healthy appetite and he was doing really well.

“I spoke to him on Monday morning, and he was sat up in his chair, doing really well. The consultant even wants to use him as a case study.”

Jack’s daughter Joanne thinks that the water infection medication helped him recover, telling the Bolton News: “His medication has been shown to have anti-viral properties. I believe that’s why he recovered so quickly.

“For somebody of his age to go into hospital on the Monday and come out again the same week is remarkable. And now doctor’s have approached him to be a case study. So he was a trailblazer back in WWII and he’s clearly a trailblazer now.”

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