A Hidden Art Gallery has Popped Up in this South Manchester Alleyway

Moss Side’s forgotten alleyways recently welcomed a typographic exhibition from Manchester-based design studio, DR.ME…

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 6 September 2022

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You wouldn’t usually associate an art exhibition with a neighbourhood alleyway, as more often than not it’s a place that’s mainly attractive to fly-tippers, stray cats and unwanted vermin. 

However, this Moss Side community recently took matters into their own hands, transforming a once bleak alleyway that sits in between Acomb Street and Crofton Street into a lush green oasis, complete with plants, pots, shrubbery and now an exclusive art exhibition. 

DR.ME, a Manchester-based design studio recently launched the typographic exhibition that has taken inspiration from musicians and the slang heard around the local area which has then been printed on mirrored perspex glass. 

‘Reflective Passage’ features the work of Mancunian icons including; A Guy Called Gerald, Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott, Cleopatra, Lavender Rodriguez and Barry Adamson (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Magazine), Anthony Burgess, Erinma Bell MBE, Emeline Pankhurst, Friedrich Engels, former lord mayor Roy Walters, as well as boxing trainer Phil Martin. 

Each one of these individuals have spent time or past through the local area at some point in their lives, inspiring and enriching the community.

The alleyway project has seen the once neglected area turned into its own paradisiacal natural retreat, complete with creative displays using everything from old bookshelves to children’s toy cars. 

Reflective Passage is available to view now. 


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