Celebrate Campari with FORZA: An all-day Negroni Festival at YES

Ever since discovering the wonders of Campari around this time last year, 90% of all liquids that have passed through my mouth have contained it.

By Ben Brown | 29 January 2019

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King of all Campari concoctions is the humble Negroni, achieved by adding Gin and Red Vermouth to the liqueur. It was invented exactly 100 years ago by Count Camillo Negroni, who demanded that the bartender at Caffè Casoni in Florence strengthen his cocktail with gin rather than normal soda water.

It was an instant success and now the Negroni is enjoyed the world over as a lovely aperitif before a bit of food. To celebrate this anniversary YES will be hosting FORZA: an all-day Negroni Festival complete with artisan Italian street food and Italian movies. They’ve also got an OPERA SINGER!

Taking place on Sunday 10th February, here’s an idea as to what to expect:


Little Orange Co.
Taste IT
Lupo Caffè Italiano
● Specials from Pepperoni Playboy pizza


Above The Line screening two defining films of Italian cinema, Bicycle Thieves and Cinema Paradiso.


Of course the original Negroni will be featured heavily, but there will also be a specifically tailored menu and a number of experimental variations and alternatives on offer.


FORZA – Negroni Festival

Venue: YES
Date: Sunday 10th February
Time: 12pm – 6pm
Cost: Free entry

More Info

YES, 38 Charles Street, M1 7BD
0161 273 2725