Critically Acclaimed Coming of Age Tale 'If This Is Normal' comes to Manchester

The critically acclaimed play about friendship and growing up in the modern world will make its Manchester debut at 53two.

By Emma Davidson | 22 April 2022

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Hailed by many that have already witnessed the performance as ‘Superb’, ‘Honest’ and ‘Powerful’, If This Is Normal addresses the process of developing into an adult in an extremely oversaturated world. 

Written by Lucy Danser, the story follows the journey of siblings Madani, Maryam and their school friend, Alex as they navigate their way through growing up in Kilburn, North-West London. 

Image: @aoifesmythactor

Image: @aoifesmythactor

10 years have passed and now playful chats about ninja turtles and bobble pens have been kicked out by teen opinions powered by podcasts, porn and politics. The idea is that best friends can talk about anything, right, so why are there suddenly so many unspoken thoughts between the three?

The play comes direct from its debut at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe and VAULT 2020, as well as runs at The New Normal Festivals. It’s currently on its UK tour and has already stopped off at Bristol, Guildford and Oxford, and will be in Manchester at 53two from the 26th – 30th April

Speaking about the show, The Stage said: “Danser is good at digging into the emotional mess of the situation and exploring how outside influences – porn, religion, their parents – can distort young people’s ideas about intimacy.”

53two is Manchester’s newest arts venue, beneath the behemoth that is Manchester Central. A charity and hub for artists, it prides itself on supporting disenfranchised, disabled and/or underserved artists, striving for diversity and equality. 

They open daily from 11am providing a place to work, meet and play. In April, work begins on completing their theatre into a 150 seater venue for Manchester’s creatives to share their work in.

Tickets for If This Is Normal range from £9 – £12, with the show starting at 7:30pm every evening. You can grab one now via the link below.


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