Flirty AI, Virtual Reality Dates & Sexbots: The Science & Industry Museum's Late-Night 'Future of Sex' Sessions

An after-hours, adults-only session that'll pull back the covers to reveal the future of sex…

By Manchester's Finest | 20 September 2022

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Manchester’s Science & Industry Museum is set to host an after-hours, adult-only session exploring the Future of Sex as part of their varied Science Festival programme. An evening of performance, workshops, art and conversation exploring how technology and education are shaping the world of sex in the future, from AI to VR, and everything else in between.

First up, The Vagina Museum will be heading down to help guests get to know the vulva more intimately by creating gynaecological bunting and anatomical artwork.

The Vagina Museum

King’s College London researcher Chloé Locatelli will also host a unique workshop on the rise of ‘Chatbots‘ in the world of internet dating and romance. She’ll explore whether we can build relationships with chatbots, or even fall for them. You’ll construct your ‘perfect companion‘ by designing and interacting with an erotic chatbot. Create your character, start chatting and see where the conversation takes you.

From Flirtual, the world’s first-ever VR dating app, you’ll get the chance to try on a headset and experience all the places you can go, and everything you can see on a Virtual Reality date.

Flirtual – the world’s first VR dating app

Spill your sexy secrets with a Confessional Screen and then find out more about the future of sex and tech with cybersex and VR expert, Trudy Barber, and explorer of the posthuman body, Katt Peterson, from the University of Portsmouth, who will be on hand to answer any questions.

Uncover the wonderous and complex ways that society has shaped our sexuality with LGBT Foundation, explore how technology is changing the way we ‘play’ and communicate, and look out for Anna Phylactic and the Family Gorgeous who will exploring the future of sex along with you.

Plus, a panel of ‘sexperts’ will be in conversation, including Jenny Kleeman, author of Sex, Robots and Fake Meat, Professor of Psychology, Rusi Jaspal, reproductive physiologist Dr Kim Jonas, computer scientist and writer Dr Kate Devlin, and multidisciplinary writer Otamere Guobadia.


The Future of Sex

Date: Wednesday 26th October
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Cost: FREE
Venue: New Warehouse at Science & Industry Museum