KERB's New Zine featuring Manchester's Artists, Wine Producers, Fashion Designers, Painters and Musicians

On the 15th July KERB is launching the 2nd edition of its zine, with special guest editor Apolluss.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 19 December 2023

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The newest edition of KERB’s zine will focus on individuals from Manchester’s creative community who are adding vitality and freshness to the city.⁠

The launch event begins at 6pm on Friday 15th July where natural wine will be available by the glass and by the bottle as always. 

The zine will be available for free, and guests can pick up a copy of the work which displays a collection of Manchester’s creatives in a close-up, personal way. Cam, creator of Apolluss, has hand-picked and interviewed some of his favourite creatives in the city, including artists, wine producers, fashion designers, painters, graphic designers and musicians. 

“This second edition of KERB’s zine focuses on Manchester’s creative community. At KERB, we believe that, like natural wine, the creative scene in Manchester is pioneering, vibrant and experimental,” he said. 

“In a similar way to the wine, these creatives are an authentic product of the city, just as the juice is the product of the soil. Edited by Apolluss with illustrations by Tomas Gittins, on these pages you’ll find some of the talented new creatives adding vitality and freshness to our city. We hope you enjoy it, along with a glass or two.”

He continued: “I have always understood the significance of bringing people together to collaborate, showcase art, and find themselves creatively. Friendships are formed, partnerships begin, and culture keeps moving.

“The goal is to go far. That is how I met KERB and every creative that is contained within these pages. I met KERB at my event Colours + Creeds, an art exhibition/music event that runs biannually. It’s a safe space where all art forms are championed and showcased under a theme that aims to evoke change.

“We all have the power to be more, do more, and become more than who we are today. All I ask as the editor is that you soak in the stories and voices within this issue and be open to learning from the perspectives of others.”

Alongside the zine and wine, Tomas will launch the bar’s brand-new merch collection. He has designed three t-shirts and tote bags which will be available for purchase on the evening, as well as contributing to illustrations within the zine. 

Tom will also be live spray-painting tote bags outside the store during the event, so get down to grab yourself a one-of-a-kind bag! 


KERB Zine Launch

Date: Friday 15th July
Venue: KERB
Time: 6pm – 10.30pm
Price: FREE

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