Who lives in a house like this? Upcycling with Manchester's Most Creative Homes

A look through the keyhole of some of the city's most creative and stunning homes.

By Manchester's Finest | 8 April 2020

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So we’re pretty much locked inside for the next three months and everyone’s finally doing those “I’ll get round to it jobs”, so much so that we’re having a national white paint shortage.

Luckily for me I’m a paint stockpiler at the best of times so I managed to paint my entire flat white on the first weekend, I should really have spread this over a number of weeks as I am now bored and looking for other DIY bits to entertain myself.

I ended up, as I often do, in a home accessories hole yesterday browsing through loads of new things I could buy if the shops were open, but they aren’t, so I can’t.

Next on the list though, and probably a better, more eco-friendly option – upcycling. If you’re not familiar with the term, then where on earth have you been? It’s literally the opposite of recycling but you’re making something better (or that’s the aim anyway).

Recently I’ve been pretty impressed by the standard of upcycling, changing and reworking and general inventiveness I’ve been seeing – (there’s a lot of spare time and a lot of bored people about).

So I’ve collated my favourite Mancunian home inspo Insta pages together, in hope that you will also be inspired to try something new in your humble abode, whether it’s getting your hands dirty with some DIY or just adding a little colour to a dull corner.

My fave five Manchester homes below:

Cup and Cloth
Why not have a shelf switch up? Dig out those things you’ve been keeping in boxes for a quick interior fix.


The Story of Number Nine
Missing the pub? Bring it to you with a little bit of up cycling. I’m literally obsessed with people’s home bars, and this might be my favourite yet. A lot of love, attention and a little gold leaf – can’t go wrong! See the before of the gin cabinet here.


An IKEA switch up, quick paint job with spare paint you may have lying around from previous projects and new handles – they come in the post, right? A perfect time to Etsy.


Life at Eighty Six
Prints change a room so quickly, invest in a little art or make time to hang those ones you’ve got stacked in a corner.


Northern Styling
Plants! Tend to the ones you already have, *dig* out some old pots you might have in the shed (or shoved in the corner of my tiny balcony like me) and give your home a little bit more life.