New International Billboard Art Project to hit Manchester's Streets

DIVISION/REVISION sees artists responding to the questions ‘What brings us together?’ And ‘What pulls us apart?’

By Ben Brown | 13 March 2021

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Starting this Monday 15th March, three billboard sites across the city will become part of an exciting, ambitious nationwide art project.

DIVISION/REVISION is curated by artist Uta Kögelsberger, and sees 16 internationally acclaimed artists responding to the questions ‘What brings us together?’ And ‘what pulls us apart’ sure in the knowledge that certain issues can do both.

The last three years have seen fundamental changes to how we relate to one another as individuals and as a society.

Britain has exited from the European Union; the pandemic has bought new geographies to our daily lives; Black Lives Matter has voiced powerful articulations of systemic inequality.

Division/Revision is a reflection on how relations are being re-defined through seismic shifts in the current social and political landscape.

DIVISION/REVISION sees the 16 invited artists’ work showcased over the course of 16 days, on 16 billboards across the nation, displayed in daily rotation so that at any one time, all artists will be on display in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bristol and London. The project forms part of BUILDHOLLYWOOD’s new Your Space Or Mine collaborations, you can find out more about the project and participating artists here.

You’ll be able to view the daily changing artwork from 15th March to 30th March at:

Princess Street, Manchester M1 6NG
02 Apollo Manchester, Ardwick Green Roundabout, Manchester M12 6BW
Chester Road, 859 Chester Road, Stretford M32 0RN