Screen Time: An exploration of our relationship with technology has launched in Ancoats

Manchester-based artist Morys Davies is exhibiting new work challenging our addiction to devices at KERB.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 6 February 2023

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Are you addicted to social media? If you’re hesitant to answer, a new exhibition that has launched at KERB in Ancoats might be worth your time.

Created by local artist Morys Davies, Screen Time is his first solo exhibition, analysing technology and its impact on the human condition through the medium of print. The exhibition explores the impact of our vices for our devices.

Launching today (2 February) with a preview party at the natural wine bar from 6-10.30pm, the exhibition is a preview of a larger body of work that has been in development for over two years.

Screen Time is Manchester-based Morys Davies’ first solo exhibition. Image: Manchester’s Finest Group

Exploring topics such as value, time, violence, and the impact of the internet through common symbolism and the iconic Apple brand, Screen Time looks at how violence is glamourised and killers are immortalised as algorithms, in-turn unintentionally monetising the grip of the scroll. 

Davies explores how the algorithm blurs the lines between fact and fiction and isolates us from each other, serving us content that it knows will keep our attention away from other things that should take precedence.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Davies said: “The relentless pursuit of technological advancement in an attempt to progress us as a society is ultimately making abundantly clear the fatal flaw in our nature – attempting to achieve perfection in a bid to end suffering will inevitably create larger problems in need of even larger solutions.”

Image: Manchester’s Finest Group
Image: Manchester’s Finest Group

“Humanity at its core is fatally self-centred and we should be hyper-sceptical of anyone who is trying to achieve progress under the guise of ‘saving us’ as ultimately they are doing so in their own self-interest. The average consumer has been conditioned only to see the final 1% of the product and never considers pulling back the screen to see the truth. Metal, wires, precious minerals, blood, sweat, and tears, packaged in a slick glass box and dangled in front of us.”

The work intends to influence people to reconsider their relationship with their phones and more importantly their time, as in reality, our time is the only thing we truly possess.

The exhibition launches tonight at KERB and is available until Monday 6 March.

A curated selection from the full collection of work is on display at KERB, due to space constraints. The artist is currently seeking a space to exhibit the complete collection – get in touch with him directly through the link below if you know of a venue.


Screen Time

Venue: KERB
Date: Thursday 2 February – Monday 6 March

Opening hours: 3 – 10.30pm Tuesday to Thursday, 12 – 10.30pm Friday & Saturday, 12 – 8pm Sunday
Price: Free