Stockport Officially Named as One of the Best Up and Coming Areas to Live in

The once forgotten town has now been named as one of the best ‘up and coming’ areas to live and invest in for 2022.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 5 July 2022

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The good news comes courtesy of The Sunday Times’ annual round-up of the best places to invest in the UK, wherein they name the most desirable locations in different parts of the country for that year.

And for 2022, there were some surprising new entries, with towns such as Macclesfield, Bury and Rochdale getting a nod for the North West as more and more people swap pricey city living for a quieter, more affordable life in the suburbs.

Image: @walkaboutstockport

But it was Stockport that truly reigned supreme for the region, with its close proximity to Manchester city centre, its wide range of housing options and neighbourhoods, and its bustling hospitality scene being just some of the reasons for its success.

The article also declared Stockport to be home to some of the region’s ‘most interesting people’, noting that the town is gearing up to become one of ‘the coolest little corners of the country’.

Image: @memoirsofamancunion

The paper said: “It’s partly by accident that Manchester’s most interesting people desert the increasingly corporate city centre to outer suburbs in search of family houses, fresh air and better places than Piccadilly Gardens to walk the dog.

“It’s also part of a plan, championed by the Manchester mayor Andy Burnham to create town centres good enough to rival the city, with the same quality of homes and amenities, but at much lower prices.

Image: @jobos_photos

“The best example so far is Stockport. Only fifteen minutes from central Manchester by train, and already a magnet for interesting independent businesses such as the much-lauded restaurant Where the Light Gets In, the indie bookshop Rare Mags and the Produce Hall food market.”

Stockport Council has said the borough’s recognition in the prestigious national list shows that the town is ‘going places’.

Image: @jobo_photos

Council Leader Mark Hunter said: “These are really exciting times for Stockport. All this investment will boost the growth of the town centre, which will in turn, create modern, innovative spaces that will celebrate the town’s rich history and unique character.”

And Stockport isn’t the only town to gain recognition for its potential; back in April, both Prestwich and Altrincham were named as some of the best places to live in The Sunday Times’ annual list.