Paint Your Own Goddess of Venus with Life Drawing Classes at Manchester Art Gallery

Two of the city's most exciting art events join forces for a something special...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 8 March 2022

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I must say, if you’re a fan of art, or any art-related endeavours – you’re rather spoilt for choice when it comes to events and happenings in Manchester.

Most towns in the UK will probably find that the entire extent of art there usually revolves around a bloke called Dave scrawling a mucky joke and his phone number on the ladies toilets of a manky boozer – but not in Manchester.

Two of the city’s most exciting and innovative art events are set to join forces this April with an in-depth look into one of the most famous paintings in Manchester Art Gallery; Rossetti’s ‘Astarte Syriaca’ (Goddess of Venus). Here it is…

Paint Away Events have teamed up with Life Drawing with House of Payne to bring the masterpiece to life for the very first time. This unique instructor-led experience will delve into the history and inspiration behind the painting, before you get the opportunity to get your hands dirty yourself.

House of Payne will be providing their very own real-life human model to re-enact the painting – meaning you can try your hand at besting Rossetti’s work yourself.

Then, Paint Away will give you the opportunity to paint your own masterpiece – guided by a professional artist, really allowing your inner Pre-Raphaelite to unfold surrounded by the stunning works in the Art Gallery.

Here’s a plan for the day…

Arrival – You will be greeted by your hosts Lisa and Frida in the foyer.

Educational Talk – Heading to where Astarte Syriaca lives in the gallery you’ll be told ALL about the triumphant piece of art.

Life Drawing – An actual real-life human will be posing as the painting so you can sketch in a variety of poses. Lisa from House of Payne will guide you through some creative drawing techniques.

Break – Move into The Lion’s Den and enjoy a complimentary tea/coffee and a homemade biscuit.

Painting – Finish your day by painting your own masterpiece on a pre-drawn canvas with Paint Away Events. Each canvas is pre-drawn with step-by-step instructions.


Life Drawing & Painting – Rossetti’s ‘Astarte Syriaca’
at Manchester Art Gallery

Date: Saturday 23rd April
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Cost: £49.99pp

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