10 of the Best Sharing Cocktails in Manchester

In my day a sharing cocktail was passing a bottle of White Lightning and Black amongst mates in the park.

By Ben Brown | 17 January 2020

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Nowadays though, they’re much more impressive.

Frozen Margz Sharer @ Crazy Pedro’s
Not settled with a mental cocktail menu, Pedro’s one-upped themselves and put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing what cocktail you want. That means you’ve got an option of 8, yes EIGHT different frozen margaritas and they’ll do you a giant one perfect for 3/4 people.

Crazy Pedro’s, 1 Short Street, Manchester Northern Quarter, M4 1AA
55-57 Bridge Street, Manchester City Centre, M3 3BQ


Barrel End @ Liars Club
Manchester’s ultimate Tiki experience, the Liars Club specialise in cocktails that contain loads of rum, loads of foliage and usually loads of fire. They also take great pride in their range of sharers, biggest of which is the HUGE Barrel End which contains Plantation white rum, peach liqueur, grapefruit-mint cordial, bitters, cloudy apple and tonic and comes in at a whopping £100. If you don’t have enough friends to tackle this one, the Stormy Seas (£30) is also fantastic.

The Liars Club, 19A Back Bridge St, Manchester M3 2PB


Gin & Juice @ Twenty Twenty Two
I’m going to presume that you’re in Twenty Twenty Two with some mates, all crowded round a ping pong table, sat on a comfy sofa or fighting each other on Mortal Kombat 2. While you’re partaking in all of this fun, it’s a massive pain in the arse to constantly keep going back and forth to the bar. That’s where the Gin & Juice sharer comes in. It contains a WHOLE BOTTLE of Gin, as well as a load of other delicious goodies and it’s brilliant.

2022, 20 Dale St, Manchester M1 1EZ


Zombie Apocalypse @ The Alchemist
I’d have eaten my own hat if The Alchemist didn’t have a selection of sharing cocktails – their drinks menu is bigger than the bloody 1998 Argos catalogue. Out of the few on offer you can’t go wrong with their excellent Zombie Apocalypse – not only is it rather dramatic (and will ensure everyone thinks you’re cool) it’s also stronger than a shot of Cillit Bang but without any of the unpleasant flavours and eventual death. It’s packed with Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, Wray and Nephew, Grand Marnier and the usual mix of juices.

The Alchemist, 1 New York Street, Manchester M1 4HD


Raspberry Colada Teapot @ Revolucion de Cuba
Like anything from Revs it involves plenty of rum. This teapot sharer is jam-packed with white rum, coconut rum, raspberry, mango and pineapple juice. It’s fruity, sweet and tastes like holiday. You’ll have your salsa dancing shoes on before you know it and will be making a fool of yourself falling over. Skip the mugs though, pour that baby straight in ya gob.

Revolucion de Cuba,11 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR


The Kitchen Sink @ Hold Fast
When someone old mentions a kitchen sink they’re usually insinuating that something contains a lot of stuff. The 70’s and 80’s were awash with people saying things like; “Bloody hell lad, you’ve put everything in there except the kitchen sink!” – but alas, it seems to have died out recently. Instead, if anyone mentions a kitchen sink in Manchester now they’re either in a Dolphin showroom or are in Hold Fast in the NQ and ordering their massive rum sharer. It’s £90 and feeds 6-8 thirsty people.

Hold Fast, 50 Newton St, Manchester M1 2EA


Dead Man’s Chest @ Tattu
Always ones to do something theatrical, either with their food or their cocktails, if you’re looking for something to share with your attractive friends at Tattu then you’re in luck. Their Dead Man’s Chest continues the nautical theme of many of their signature cocktails and comes loaded with enough vodka, apple and grape to satisfy 4 thirsty humans. You should also expect plenty of dry ice and a fair few people looking at you when it arrives.

Tattu Restaurant and Bar, 3, 4 Hardman Square, Gartside St, Manchester M3 3EB


Lily Pad @ Allotment
Fool everyone, even yourself, into thinking you’re sat sophistically sipping on an English Breakfast with your pinky out. When in reality that hefty teapot is full of gin, rose liqueur and topped with sparkling wine. This ones also got loads of pear flavours and refreshing cucumber so at least it’s still a bit sophisticated. It’s tea for 2.

Allotment, 24 Dale St, Manchester M1 1FY


Hot Fun @ Convenience Store
I’ve always been pretty impressed with the rather mental cocktails in Convenience Store, they’ve got a fair whack of creativity to them and it’s a great place to spend a Friday evening with the mates. They’ve got a couple of sharers on the menu too, one is a Tiki number while the other is like something Willy Wonka dreamt up after eating too much cheese. The Hot Fun contains gin, strawberry, raspberry, butterscotch and cream soda, that is then topped off with some Prosecco. Don’t try it if you have any fillings.

Convenience Store, 100-102 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HP


Manhattan Iced Tea @ Dog Bowl
You can’t get a more sociable activity than bowling, well, apart from British Bulldogs, but bowling is better because it’s actually safe to drink while you’re playing it. Perfect for you and your mates while bashing a few balls down the lane, the Manhattan Iced Tea (£25). Sort of perfect anyway everyone knows you’ll be on your arse after one of these. It’s filled with gin, rum, tequila, vodka, triple sec and of course topped with cola. It tastes bloody amazing from what I can remember anyway.

Dog Bowl, Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WW