A HUGE Cheese Crawl is Happening Across the City

You better brie-lieve it! It doesn’t get much feta than this…

By Emma Davidson | 13 April 2022

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Calling all curd nerds and turophiles – yep there’s a word for your love of cheese – Manchester’s finest cheeses are being wrapped up into a 2 hour walking tour! 

Hosted by Secret Manchester and Fever, the Manchester Cheese Crawl is a whole two hours of non-stop in-curd-ible action. 

Starting at the Richard Cobden Statue on St Anns Square, you’ll be treated to a cheesy quiz and a bit of wine, and then off you’ll dash to some of Manchester’s finest cheese establishments. Doesn’t that sound brie-lliant?!

Mature fun facts are very much welcomed, and cheese puns are encouraged, too, especially ones that will have your group crumbling faster than Wensleydale. 

Meanwhile, you’ll learn a bit about cheese making, and be introduced to some cheese mongers and shops you just camembert to stay away from. 

Although the full list of stinky stop offs will remain a surprise until you’re at the event, Manchester has some pretty decent places to get a delicious block of dairy if we’ve already clouded your mind with camembert shaped dreams.

Firstly, Haunt on Peter Street offers a cheeseboard full of all the best bits. Goats cheese, Gorgonzola, Pecorino, Taleggio and Provolone all make the cut, and the cheeses are accompanied by Basil Pesto, Fresh Figs, Spiced Pear Jam and Focaccia. 

If you’re looking for something a bit dirtier, American Pies on Mosley Street in the city centre has a board named ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese’, featuring Nduja Butter Cheesy Garlic Knots, Deep Fried Duck Lasagne with Hot Honey, Goats Cheese Bon Bons, Meatball Parm, Fried Chicken with Ranch and Nduja Butter, Deep Fried Calzones and Tater Tots done two ways. Blummin ‘eck!

Another cheese institution within the city is Northern Soul. A top-tier cheese toastie restaurant (could there be anything better?!), Northern Soul combines unique flavours and cheeses in freshly baked bread. The sandwiches are dripping with combos including; bacon, mac n cheese, roast ham, sausage and pulled pork. 

Tickets for the Cheese Crawl are £25 and include a fromage amount of cheese samples (some of which might not be suitable for vegetarians), optional bread and crackers, as well as wine.

The crawl has been strutting around the city for a while now, and you can book on the tour at either 12.00pm or 3.00pm. The event is running pretty much every weekend until the end of the year, so book yourself a ticket below, you’re guaranteed to have a gouda time!


The Manchester Cheese Crawl

Date: Various Dates
Time: 12pm & 3pm
Cost: £25pp

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