Almost Famous is back with a NEW MENU!

They're going back to basics and stripping it all back to what made the magic.

By Manchester's Finest | 7 July 2020

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Almost Famous is set to reopen their Great Northern restaurant this coming Saturday 4th July and they’ve decided to go back to basics with a new menu.

Beau Myers explains…

“Having been cooking burgers at home during lockdown – stripping it back to basics with awesome hand-pressed freshly ground beef, amazing brioche, melty cheese, creamy smacky sauces, simple builds and the best quality ingredients cooked perfect and juicy every time, I’ve been remembering what Almost Famous was all about.”

So they’re stripping back the menu to make a few burgers but do them really, really good. The new menu also allows them to have a safer and more efficient operation in light of the COVID-19 safety restrictions in place.

Here’s what they’re selling;

Double juicy famous cheeseburger, wonderbutter onion, famous sauce, bacon ketchup, pickles

“We’ve reworked the famous burger losing the salad stack and including intense grilled onions and smacky bacon ketchup – this flavour profile really shows off the beef and hits that perfect burger craving”

Double cheese, JD maple smoked streaky bacon, shoestring onions, frazzles, fresh chillies, bacon mayo, redneck bbq, bacon ketchup


Double cheeseburger, double fried chicken, smashed tots, awesome sauce, redneck bbq, creamy peppered mayo, JD maple, pickles

“Back at it again with the sweet salty savoury magic – total dream of a famous burger – what the people want with the crispy fried chicken and creamy sauce on juicy burgers pulled together with tangy pickles and a drizzle of Disney magic JD maple”