BAB's Brunch Concept brings a Full English Kebab to the table - but what else?

There's more to brunch at BAB than just the Full English Kebab - lots more in fact.

By Alex Watson | 31 May 2019

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By now I’m sure you know about BAB in the NQ and unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you know they’ve got a brand-new brunch menu on offer.

Of course, probably the main attraction here is the fantastic Full English Breakfast BAB – something our very own Ben Brown termed as ‘truly majestic and fucking brilliant’.But there’s plenty more on offer on the new menu – so I went down to check them all out.

Of course there’s no problem in starting with the aforementioned Full English Breakfast BAB (£9.50) a handmade flatbread filled with chunky portions of spiced sausage, smoked bacon, perfect poached eggs and lashings of Turkish brown sauce.

This really is as good as it sounds and is the revamp of a Full English that you never knew you needed. The sausages themselves are some of the best you’ll ever have – a combination of a traditional British banger and the spicy Merguez sausages that you’d find in Turkey.

Next up I tried the rather unique Pork Omelette (£9) which comes served with pickled chilli, Turkish brown sauce and a peppery side salad.

They take juicy and crispy cubes of tender pork, cook it in a range of spices, onions and garlic and then stuffs it into a fluffy, delicate omelette. If you are a meat eater and want something a little more substantial in the morning, you are going to love this dish.

It’s also great for anyone who enjoys going to the gym – providing you with all the protein you could ever need for a serious session on the weights.

Another Middle Eastern classic is Shakshuka (£8.50), a common staple in many households and a dish which has many different iterations, variations and ‘secret family recipes’.

The general consensus is that the dish should revolve around the combination of cumin, paprika and garlic spiced tomatoes topped with soft eggs and (in BAB’s case) lashings of feta.

Served with sourdough, you’ll adore getting stuck in there with the delicious bread and mixing up the yummy egg yolks with creamy, melted feta cheese and aromatically spiced tomato sauce. It was truly divine!

If you’re a fan of something sweet, BAB’s Greek Yoghurt (£7.50) is certainly a great (and healthy) alternative to the other dishes that are on offer.

Served with seasonal berries and toasted mixed nuts, it is light, creamy and to be completely honest, a lovely fresh palate cleanser you could order on the side of any huge brunch feast.

Finally the small but well-balanced Brunch Menu is topped off with the Kalamata Olive Drop Scone (£9) – a twist on the classic Eggs Benedict.

The dish sees 2 Kalamata Olive Drop Scones served with runny eggs, kale and a fantastic scotch bonnet hollandaise sauce, that gives your mouth the perfect amount of tingle without being too overpowering or spicy.

It’s the stuff of legend and I could talk about it all day – creamy, foamy and with a welcome tang of spice from the chillies, it was the perfect thing to wake you up in the morning and put some hairs on your chest!

Combined with the creamy eggs and salty olives, you’ve got a really complex dish that also manages to be comforting and familiar. A real winner this one.

The Full English Breakfast Kebab is always going to be the superstar on ANY menu but the other options available at BAB are all just as impressive if you ask me. I thought the Kalamata Drop Olive Scones were actually better than the kebab – but that’s just my opinion.

Get yourself down on a weekend to make your own mind up.


The New Brunch Menu at BAB


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