The PBJ July Special at Crazy Pedro's

Piled on top of Pedro's fresh dough is Pedro's pizza sauce, lashings of cheese and the aforementioned P (Pepperoni), B (Baconnaise) and J (Jalapeños)

By Ben Brown | 6 July 2017

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July is an extra special month for me because it is my birthday month. In fact, it was yesterday – the 5th – and I’m sure you are very interested to know that I received a massive box of Belgian beers and watched Jerry Maguire in bed surrounded by loads of fried chicken.

This month is also special because Crazy Pedro’s have released a July pizza which actually sounds like I could eat it day-in, day-out. Sure, their last few specials have indeed been very special, but this months’ PBJ is so much up my street in terms of what I want on a pizza that it might as well move in with me.

Piled on top of Pedro’s fresh dough is Pedro’s pizza sauce, lashings of cheese and the aforementioned P (Pepperoni), B (Baconnaise) and J (Jalapeños). As Tony the Tiger would say – it sounds grreeaattt. Oh and to top the whole thing off they sprinkle on some Frazzle dust to add even more bacon goodness.

You’ve got until the end of the month to get your mitts on the PBJ – available at both the Bridge Street and Northern Quarter locations – as either a full one, or daily by the slice.

Crazy Pedro’s Pizza Parlour
55-57 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BQ
1 Short Street, Manchester, M4 1AA
0161 359 3000

P.S. Sorry about the Tony the Tiger joke.