We eat Dogs ‘N’ Dough

Last week we got a sneak peek of the new menu at Dogs ‘N’ Dough, been a while since I last headed down there so wanted to see how the place was getting on.


The first thing to note is the new bottled ale selection the guys have laid on, some old favourites such as Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada are complimented by more unusual ales such as Big Wave, Longboard or the Fire Rock, we tried them all, my favourite was the Fire Rock, as a fan of a good pale ale it was certainly good for me.


Food wise we opted for 2 dogs and a pizza. The days special dog comprised of a brioche bun with ham & jalepenos topped with melted cheese (which with the melting made it kind of look like it was a vac packed hot dog) – and we went for the No Way Jose available on the regular menu and the Meat Monster Pizza: Pastrami, Smoked Ham, Pepperoni, Crispy Bacon.

Across the board the No Way Jose and the chilli fries were the resounding favourite.


We then went for the all too strange sounding to ignore: Dessert Pizza. Yep. A thin crust pizza layered with nutella and topped with white chocolate “mozzarella esc” buttons and a smattering of peanut M&M’s…. As a sweet tooth it was far too much even for me, however James my colleague polished off a fair slices in good time.

All in all I enjoyed the Dogs and as for the Dough, the pizza was very good. The ale was great and always go for the chilli fries, you won’t go far wrong.

The new menu will launch mid-February, click here to see what’s to come.



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