Win every time on Street Fighter II in Dogs N Dough

Since when did Manchester's Finest turn into Games Master I hear you ask. Well don't worry, there won't be any golden joysticks, terrible facial hair and Patrick Moore's severed head anywhere - we're just going to talk about Street Fighter II.

The reason? Dogs N Dough have recently had a Street Fighter II arcade machine installed in their bar area and I got so excited to see it and play it that I got ahead of myself, tried to show off as Guile and made an absolute fool of myself.

To save you the embarrassment of looking like a right knob in front of your mates, or indeed a date, I’ve compiled a list of the best moves and tricks for when you’re bashing away.

I think most people in the world have played Street Fighter II in some form, and to be fair, there are about a million different iterations of the game each with slightly different characters, graphics and arenas.

Luckily for everyone though, Dogs N Dough aren’t playing Mega Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Premier Championship Gold Edition – their version is the classic arcade one; Street Fighter II: The World Warrior.

Originally released in arcades in the long hot Summer of 1991, Street Fighter II basically pits your character against a series of other weird looking specimens to see who can get the other into a coma fastest. It helped kick-start the fighting game revolution of the 90’s, which produced such beauties as Mortal Kombat and Tekken as well as showing a generation of teenagers how to fight dirty.

So here’s some moves for you, because you’ve probably forgotten them by now and next time you’re in Dogs N Dough – make sure you thank your friendly Manchester’s Finest writer Ben Brown for helping you win…

Probably the most famous character – he wears a stupid white dressing gown to fight.

Hadouken! (Fireball): ⬇↘➡ + Punch
Hurricane Kick: ⬇↙⬅ + Kick
Shou Ryu Ken (Dragon Punch): ➡⬇↘ + Punch
Throw ’em: ➡ + Strong Punch or Forward Kick (when close)

  E. Honda
A proper fat lad sumo geezer from Japan. Wears a nappy.

Sumo Torpedo: Hold ⬅ then ➡ + Punch
Hundred Hand Slap: Repeatedly hit Strong Punch or Forward Kick
Throw ’em: ➡ + Strong Punch (when close)
Bear Hug: ➡ + Fierce Punch (when close)

The most frustrating creature in the game, with piss easy moves and a stupid little haircut.

Rolling Attack: Hold ⬅ then ➡ + Punch
Electric Thunder: Repeatedly hit Jab Punch or Strong Punch
Double Head Butt: ➡ + Strong Punch (when close)
Double Knee Kick: ➡ + Forward Kick (when close)
Blanka Bite (Grab): ➡ + Fierce Punch (when close)

Jean Claude Van Damme with a flat top and camo pants.

Sonic Boom: Hold ⬅ then ➡ + Punch
Flash Kick: Hold ⬇ then ⬆ + Kick
Throw ’em: ➡ + Strong Punch (when close)
Air-to-Ground: Drop Jump and when close in the air, ➡ + Forward Kick

Barbie’s fella went rogue, bought a red dressing gown to copy Ryu and grew a blonde mullet.

Hadouken! (Fireball): ⬇↘➡ + Punch
Hurricane Kick: ⬇↙⬅ + Kick
Shou Ryu Ken (Dragon Punch): ➡⬇↘ + Punch
Throw ’em: ➡ + Strong Punch or Forward Kick (when close)

The only female character in the game, so the developers made sure she flashed her knickers at every opportunity.

Spinning Bird Kick: Hold ⬇ then ⬆ + Kick
Lightning Leg: Repeatedly hit Short Kick or Forward Kick
Throw ’em: ➡ + Strong Punch (when close)
Air One Arm Slam (Air Throw): Jump and when close in the air, ➡ + Strong Punch

A big, butch wrestler from Russia with a nice big hairy chest and fantastic thigh muscles.

Spinning Clothesline: Jab Punch + Strong Punch + Fierce Punch (all at the same time)
Spinning Pile Driver: ➡↘⬇↙⬅↖ + Punch (when close)
Piledriver: ➡ + Strong Punch (when close)
Body Slam: ➡ + Roundhouse Kick (when close)
Throw ’em: ⬇ + Fierce Punch (when close)
Stomach Grab: ⬇ + Strong Punch (when 1 step from enemy)

Borderline racist character from India who breathes fire, hangs out with elephants and has stretchy limbs.

Yoga Fire: ⬇↘➡ + Punch
Yoga Flame: ⬅↙⬇↘➡ + Punch
Yoga Mummy: Jump + Roundhouse Kick (on apex of jump)
Slide: ⬇ + Kick
Throw ’em: ➡ + Fierce Punch (when close)
Yoga Noogie: ➡ + Strong Punch (when close)

Dogs ‘n’ Dough, 17 Bow Ln, Manchester M2 4FW
0161 834 3996



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