The Bay Horse Tavern Pub Quiz is Back!

The Bay Horse are bringing back their brilliant Pub Quiz after a little Summer break and to celebrate I'm going to get you all warmed up with a few practice questions...

By Ben Brown | 12 October 2018

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This Tuesday 16th October will see The Bay Horse Tavern restart their Pub Quiz with a new quizmaster, a cash monies prize and plenty of devilishly difficult questions for you to answer.

To get you started I’ve created a little quiz for you below – first person to email me on with the correct answers will win a super special prize of a White Twix and a bag of Quavers.

  1. Which company opened the first Burger Restaurant in Britain in 1954?
  2. What country has the largest coastline?
  3. By what name is Barbara Millicent Roberts better known?
  4. How many times have the Summer Olympic Games been cancelled due to war? (And which years were they?)
  5. Which three South American countries does the Equator cross?
  6. Who are these people?

Good luck with that!

The Bay Horse Tavern Quiz will run every Tuesday from the 16th October. Entrance is 2 quid per person and it starts at 7pm.

The Bay Horse Tavern, 35-37 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 669 5799