Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 15th - 21st February 2020

Big old week for food; unlimited cheese toasties, desserts, chicken burgers & LOADS MORE - those new year diets have definitely gone.

By Manchester's Finest | 21 February 2020

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Sticky Toffee Pudding 
If I see this dessert on any menu anywhere, I will be ordering it. not just ordering it either. The fact that I will have seen that dessert at the bottom of the menu will define what mains or starters I go for. Because I absolutely need to have room for the Sticky Toffee delight. As everything in Cultureplex, this dessert did not disappoint. in fact, I’d like it right now if possible and it’s 10am. – Alex Watson


Basil Gnocchi
Tariff & Dale
A lot of gnocchi-like things flying around at the minute, maybe it’s because the weather is dismal and the only thing any of us can be bothered to put in our face is delicious warm-your-cockles types of food. The touch of basil made it seem like a fresh salad but actually it was good old chunky food. – Ellie Edginton 


Let’s be honest, what’s What We Ate This Week without a pizza? Nowt probably! I was gonna say ‘new kid on the block’ but Ciaooo has been open for a few years now I’ve just been super slow to the hype. Glad I finally got to go and eat this though because MY GOD was it good and you can place your bets as to how soon I get to go eat this again. Most people are saying 1 week. – Jale Hardy


Eggs Pen & Pencil
Pen & Pencil
Not gonna lie I was a bit rough when I crawled out of bed, headed straight to Pen & Pencil and shovelled this into my face but it fixed all my sins of the night before, enough to have a bloody mary within 5 minutes (which by the way has red wine in at Pen & Pencil and if you know me, you know how much I love red wine mixed with just about anything – hungover or not). – Ben Brown


Worker’s Lunch
The Edinburgh Castle

If you haven’t been to the Edinburgh Castle for food yet – WHY NOT! It’s glorious there. I’ve recently discovered that the newly refurbished proper boozer does an amazing pub menu downstairs, including The Worker’s Lunch. Enjoy this photograph of my aged chutney and cheddar sandwich and butternut squash soup which I’ve not stopped staring at since yesterday. – Joe Wilson 


Fried Chicken Burger
There’s a brand new menu at Kai and we are very excited about it. We got the chance to get down this week and obviously I went for the chicken burger (duh). So simple but just so bloody good. Served with thin fries and Kai’s homemade coleslaw, which they’ve aptly named ‘Kaislaw’ which is also to die for. – Petr Kaiser 



Unlimited Cheese Toasties
Koffee Pot
I mean ‘unlimited cheese toasties’ really says it all, doesn’t it? What more can I say that will make you get involved with these. Well, it’s house-cured salt beef served with Colman’s mustard and so.damn.much.cheese. What a thing of beauty. – Charlotte Warrior 


Fried Chicken Burger 
Marble Arch
Big week for me on food. Two days off and that’s it I’m treating myself to breakfast, lunch, dinner and SNACKs in between. On Tuesday I headed to Marble Arch to get involved with the cheeky Tuesday deal but opted for the fried chicken burger when I saw it came with jerk sauce. Anything to make me think I’m on my holidays when I’d actually spent my days off wandering around Manc in the pouring rain. 10/10 would eat again.– India Morris