The Best Things We Ate this Week: 26th October- 2nd November

I've been off for half the week which means I have been able to eat and drink twice as much as usual. I'm going to go back to the gym next week...I promise.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 25 January 2019

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La Cucina @ Altrincham Market
When you live in West Didsbury and work in the Northern Quarter, it isn’t often that you get to move outside the two middle-class bubbles you constantly fluctuate between. That being said, on my days off this week I had the pleasure of visiting the leafy suburb of Altrincham, and while I was there I made a long-overdue trip to the Market. Clasping on to the last breath of summer – I ordered the Burrata from La Cucina paired with courgette salad, a healthy chunk of buttery focaccia bread and a peppering of crushed hazelnuts. Honestly, it was a religious experience. -Kate Tighe


Paneer & Mushroom Tikka 
It isn’t a secret that Bundobust is fantastic. If anything was a testament to the ethos that good food doesn’t have to be paired with fine wine and served on bone china- it would be this place. Beer and vegetarian Indian street food is the name of the game – to be honest I don’t know why I’m telling you all this- chances are you already know how fucking outrageously good the place is. Anyway, the dish I go back to time and time again is the Paneer and Mushroom Tikka– because it is so delicious you will forget meat ever existed. -Kate Tighe


Tre Ciccio
It’s not very often that something so small can make such a big impact on a meal but these Rotolini at Tre Ciccio (both Bramall & Altrincham locations) are a must try. They’re naughty little balls of soft, chewy dough and stringy cheese, and you can have them with oodles of Italian cured ham or, if you’re a veggie and don’t want to miss out – there’s a mushroom version that are equally as amazing. – James Barker


Bottomless Pigs in Blankets 
Black Dog Ballroom
These pigs in blankets have been a contentious issue in the office this week, mostly because I’ve told everyone and anyone this exact story… On Tuesday I went down to Black Dog in the NQ to film a video for their new Christmas deal. Basically they’re offering Bottomless Pigs in Blankets with their Bottomless Brunch through December and it was my task to eat as many as possible for the video. Expecting those small chipolata ones – I was woefully unprepared as a bowl of actual sized thick sausages was plonked in front of me. It was a huge slog but they were actually very good. I ate too many though and have felt like a disgusting monster for the rest of the week. – Ben Brown


Pingstar Martini
Twenty Twenty Two NQ
Kate Tighe and I fancied a few after work bevvies on Wednesday so headed down to brilliant basement bar 2022 which is conveniently located directly across from the Finest office. Wednesday was a great day to pop in because not only did they have Shaun of the Dead on their big screen (’twas Halloween) and bottles of Prosecco for £15 but they also had a £5 cocktail that was proper nice. It’s called the Pingstar Martini and has vanilla vodka, rhubarb, Earl Grey, pomegranate and cherry. Sounds weird – tastes great. – Ben Brown


Lychee Sour by Chorlton Brewing Co.
This beer is one of those ones that you drink once and then can never find again. With very little trace on the internet, the thought of it haunts you, while you lie in bed awake at night wondering whether you made the whole thing up. This is how I felt about this delicious lychee sour beer by Chorlton Brewing Co. I tried a few months back – and so you can imagine my excitement when I saw it on tap at Electrik this week. I positively jumped for joy! -Kate Tighe


Henry C
I think this cosy bar takes the award for one of Manchester’s best-kept secrets. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Chorlton, this bar is one for real connoisseurs of a good drink. It is the kind of local cocktail bar that we don’t find in Manchester very often – warm, relaxed and with a delectable menu that could put The Gibson to shame. Whatever you pick, you cannot go wrong, but I had the pleasure of trying their classic Negroni made with gin, Campari and Dolin Rouge. Good cocktails don’t get much better than this. -Kate Tighe