Breakfast at Federal

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 4 March 2016

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Over the last 12 months I’ve heard the term ‘brunch’ more times than over my entire life combined, and I’ve certainly eaten more. It’s taken the UK by storm and I’ve seen more pictures of Eggs Benedict than I ever thought possible. The thing is, it’s with very good reason.


Federal opened a while back in what seemed a cursed cafe unit. Many had come before, tried, and failed. But Federal is different, not only are they surviving they’re definitely here to stay and the thing is, it’s with very good reason… You can see where I’m going with this.


Not that the rise of brunch and the success of Federal are somehow intrinsically linked but to my mind they do go hand in hand. Since day one the team have poached, toasted and instagramed they’re way to a seriously good offering. Needless to say it didn’t take much to persuade me to head down, again, and this time get it all down in writing.


Technically however I went for breakfast, it was around 9am. The Federal menu has Breakfast options until 12 noon as-well as all day options containing more Brunch and Lunch choices. Bircher Museli, Tropical Granola Sundae and Eggs Any Way all fall under Breakfast and having already worked my way through the Bircher on a previous occasion, which is great, my mind wandered a little further.


After the aforementioned instagraming I had spotted the extremely good looking French Toast with Summer Berries, almonds, Whipped Mascarpone & Salted Caramel, so on this occasion I had to go for it. You can see why from the photo and it didn’t disappoint.


My breakfast partner opted for the Eggs Benedict with Bacon. Equally good and I’ve had it myself so can attest to that. The thing Federal do different to anywhere else is they have a base level Benedict then a few choices for extras – I really like this.

One thing we did notice about the menu, and I forgot to ask if it was by design, is that the vegetarian offering is really strong – around 80% of the menu caters for (V). Coffee wise the team know exactly how it should arrive and a the small pot of hot water to accompany a long black is the perfect example.

Early doors is a great time to visit Federal, you get to see everybody else rushing by and savor your moment all the more for it. Brunch is great and I love it, but if you want to buck the trend why not treat yourself to breakfast. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day.