Celebrate World Buckfast Day at Jimmys!

If you've never heard of Buckfast or even had the pleasure of trying it - you should stop what you're doing right now, head to your local offy and down a bottle of the stuff faster than you can say ASBO.

By Ben Brown | 1 May 2018

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Affectionately called ‘Wreck the Hoose Juice’, Buckfast is a notoriously strong Tonic Wine, that has been made by Benedictine monks down in Cornwall for about a million years. It’s super strong, full of caffeine and for anyone wanting to have a top night out – is absolutely perfect for a tipple before you head out of your door.

It’s been said that around 40% of all crime statements taken by the police in Scotland contain a reference to Bucky so you should probably be extra careful. If you think you can handle it though then you should definitely get yourself down to Jimmy’s on Saturday 12th May where they are celebrating World Buckfast Day with a super special event.

They’ll be selling Bucky behind the bar, as well as offering ‘Buckfast Bombs’ whatever they are. Expect plenty of the dark stuff flying around, as well as loads of pissed up punters with too much energy and not enough coordination to burn it off. The night will also feature Suck It & Spin indie vinyl DJs, but you’ll probably be too drunk to notice. Good tunes to dance to though!

See you there. (Drink responsibly though please!)

Jimmy’s, 12 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AN
0161 923 6964